Cameron + Caitlin by Lilly Rosenthal

Lake Cavanaugh, Washington

I have known Cameron since we were in grade school. We played the trumpet together, performed in open mic-nights together, and laughed until our bellies hurt--(or until I peed my pants). When you grow up with someone, it is always interesting and exciting to see who their life partner becomes.

Caitlin parallels Cameron perfectly. The two have an abundance of love for one another, and seeing them together is effortless. I met Caitlin the day of their wedding, and it was as if I had known her forever. The two will become parents next month, and their baby is already more loved than I have ever seen. Their story is just beginning, and I am so honored to have had the privilege in experiencing those first precious moments as Husband, Wife, Mommy and Daddy. 

San Francisco Engagement | Victoria and Colton by Lilly Rosenthal

After a long day, I met up with Victoria and Colton to shoot their engagement session. I was incredibly excited as there was pretty light, unlimited time, and an abundance of good people. The session not only blew me away, but the two worked so well on camera, that it made all eyes water. 

Whenever I shoot something like this, I go for variety. Every location in this shoot was a hop skip and a jump away, but all feels incredibly far from each other. This is my goal for all my clients. Something worth remembering, and diversity. As most engagement sessions go,  butterflies are booming and goosebumps are real. This shoot was no different. It was as if we were all on cloud nine- creating memories that will last Vic and Colton a lifetime. And I will always be thankful to be apart of that.

The Forest by Lilly Rosenthal

Another beautiful set with a gorgeous human. I will always say yes to a Pacific Northwest session.

In fact, anything that has to do with the PNW, will always have my vote. 

A Sailboat at Sea by Lilly Rosenthal


Angie and I have known each other for a little while, and was recently engaged to a strapping young man to be wed this coming August. I took a trip up to Washington State to photograph her looking STUNNING on her sailboat where she lives with her beau. 

It was glorious. A day worth remembering. AND HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE?! Holy shit. Girlfriend's got legz for dayz. Cannot wait for their wedding. 

Mikaela // Beauty by Lilly Rosenthal

Mikaela and I have been good friends for years- I am so honored to have been able to document such intimates moments with such a beautiful girl. Both inside and out, Mikaela is nothing short of stunning. So proud of who she is and who she has become. 

Brandon Kyle Goodman by Lilly Rosenthal

I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to say about Brandon. There are SO MANY things to say about him. He is the best person ever and I love him with my entire heart and more. He has become a close part of my family, and I am forever grateful to my sister for bringing him in. Let's just leave it at that. 


KATIE / BLOGGED by Lilly Rosenthal


Russian Hill/ San Francisco

I have known Katie since we were around four years old. To say best friend is a total understatement. We have managed to connect, reconnect, connect, reconnect multiple times in our (roughly) 22 year year friendship. This girl totally owns my heart. 

We grew up down the street from each other in Washington State, and were always together. I ended up going to college in Santa Barbara after high school, and she, San Diego. After college, she moved to San Francisco where she has been for a few years. My recent move to Berkeley (across the bridge from her) was heavily influenced by....well obviously Katie. Not only because she is a total babe, but WE ARE NEIGHBORS AGAIN AND I AM SO HAPPY. 

Katie is not only- completely- beautiful on the outside, but she has a heart of total gold. She loves hard, and she is always thinking about the other person before herself.

Her two weaknesses, you ask? Cats and wine. Every. Damn. Day. I LOVE YOU. 

E.Louis Jewelry by Lilly Rosenthal

Last year, I had the opportunity to shoot the 'lifestyle' brand behind a good friends jewelry pieces. She had everything from manicures, makeup to clothing for the girls totally ready for me. Shooting six women with firey personalities is something I absolutely love. There is no telling what kind of attitude and 'look' they will bring to the experience. 

I got lucky with this gallery. All women were perfectly poised and beyond confident in their own skin. Confidence, girls, is the key. And the ladies knocked it out of the park. My girlfriend has since gone on to explore other career paths, but let me tell you. She sure does have a knack at creating some absolutely inspiring and delicate pieces. 

I had an absolutely amazing time with this gallery as well as the edit in the end. These are only a few previous for you. I am always looking for jewelry clients to make their lifestyle behind the pieces a reality. Please contact me to book your shoot. 

©lillyrosenthal2015 / Boulder, CO

The Love Birds by Lilly Rosenthal

How am I so lucky to be a witness to an array of such beautiful partners in life?! Let me tell you, taking pictures of love never gets old. Every personality and style shines immensely with each session, and I always make sure to be on my 'A' game with each opportunity. These images are quite a few of quite a lot of couples. I just wanted to make a post to those looking for more 'love bird' action in my work for references regarding engagements, just because, wedding, maternity, etc! 

I am booking now for 2016 in Washington, California or anywhere you'll take me :) 

Love always wins.