Seattle, WA Maternity Session / by Lilly Rosenthal

Whoaaaaaaa baby! 

I originally met Kasia and Ben in 2013 at my cousin's wedding in Maui, HI. (will do a post of theirs soon!) Kasia and I immediately hit it off. I knew she and I were going to have an amazing friendship when she started making raptor noises around the bar after a couple shots of drank. I fell in love with her. Seriously, I fell in love with her. See, most people who first meet me don't think this, but I am a big dork. Like...HUGE dork. So when I see people begin to reveal the goof in themselves, it's a home run for me. More like grand slam. 

Anyways, back to the maternity session. 

Kasia and Ben have a beautiful relationship. There is no judgement, intolerable act, or lack of love with the two of them. When Kasia told me they were expecting, I was over the MOON. Not only are these two going to be absolutely unbelievable parents, but I know for certain that their relationship as a couple is going to continue to flourish and manifest. 

We met up late December at Golden Gate Park, just outside of Seattle, Washington. The clouds were low, and it was on and off pouring. True pacific northwest style. It could not have been more beautiful, and I could not have been more honored to capture the stillness and peace these two eluded before their beautiful baby comes earthside. 

Congratulations to Kasia and Ben. Baby D is so lucky to have such powerful, honest, and beautiful parents. He/she is coming into a world of love and what is more true and glorious than that? 

Also- special shoutout to the BEST furbabes in the world. Ella and Porter are going to make the best big brother and sister.