E.Louis Jewelry / by Lilly Rosenthal

Last year, I had the opportunity to shoot the 'lifestyle' brand behind a good friends jewelry pieces. She had everything from manicures, makeup to clothing for the girls totally ready for me. Shooting six women with firey personalities is something I absolutely love. There is no telling what kind of attitude and 'look' they will bring to the experience. 

I got lucky with this gallery. All women were perfectly poised and beyond confident in their own skin. Confidence, girls, is the key. And the ladies knocked it out of the park. My girlfriend has since gone on to explore other career paths, but let me tell you. She sure does have a knack at creating some absolutely inspiring and delicate pieces. 

I had an absolutely amazing time with this gallery as well as the edit in the end. These are only a few previous for you. I am always looking for jewelry clients to make their lifestyle behind the pieces a reality. Please contact me to book your shoot. lilly@lillyrosenthal.com 

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