Bishop Climbing- New Years / by Lilly Rosenthal

For those of you that climb, know about Bishop, California. It is not only one of the most aesthetically intriguing places, but it also has some world-class climbing. People are friendly, there is always something to do, and most everyone is here for one reason: to rock climb. (or maybe to drink beer, or warm up in the hot springs) 

Bishop is located immediately east of the Sierra Nevada and is named so because of the Bishop Creek that flows directly out of the mountains. In Bishop, there are over 2,000 bouldering problems and the two types of rock are mainly granite, (sharp as teeth), and volcanic.  

My climbing career began a little less than three years ago. And although I am a photographer, I have never really dove into the climbing photography thing. It seems everyone is doing something in climbing photography these days, and I have always rather climbed, than take pictures. That is, until this trip. My style is still confusing to me. Conceptual, fine art, landscape, underwater, portrait...? Either way, I decided to try and take different pictures than the ones I see every day in the climbing world. 

My interpretation of climbing as a photographer is different. I shoot more for the shape of the body, than the "problem" itself. I like this. I think it's different. I had a really good time with it. I'm stoked.