KATIE / BLOGGED / by Lilly Rosenthal


Russian Hill/ San Francisco

I have known Katie since we were around four years old. To say best friend is a total understatement. We have managed to connect, reconnect, connect, reconnect multiple times in our (roughly) 22 year year friendship. This girl totally owns my heart. 

We grew up down the street from each other in Washington State, and were always together. I ended up going to college in Santa Barbara after high school, and she, San Diego. After college, she moved to San Francisco where she has been for a few years. My recent move to Berkeley (across the bridge from her) was heavily influenced by....well obviously Katie. Not only because she is a total babe, but WE ARE NEIGHBORS AGAIN AND I AM SO HAPPY. 

Katie is not only- completely- beautiful on the outside, but she has a heart of total gold. She loves hard, and she is always thinking about the other person before herself.

Her two weaknesses, you ask? Cats and wine. Every. Damn. Day. I LOVE YOU.